I am a web developer specializing in frontend and backend development.

Do you want to know how I can help your project? Take a look at some of my projects as well as the technologies I use.


  • React.js

    React.js is the framework with which I have the most freedom and experience. I know its features very well, as well as the majority of supporting libraries that are used, such as Redux, Redux Toolkit ...

  • Vue.js

    Vue.js is my first JavaScript framework with which I developed several smaller ones and my own application that I worked on through my mentorship. After React.js is my favorite framework that I like to work with. I know its features very well, as well as most of the support libraries used, like Vuex…

  • Typescript

    Typescript is an extension of JavaScript with optional static typing that I have been using for quite some time. I am familiar with it and use it proficiently because it aids me in coding, enabling better code analysis and clarity during application development.


  • Python - DjangoREST

    Although my experience with the Django REST framework is limited, I have successfully completed several small projects and have a good understanding of its basic principles.

  • Express - Node.js

    At my introduction to BE, I decided to take Express and Node.js, and I don`t have much experience except for a couple of small personal projects.

  • Java - SpringBoot

    In order to best understand the basic principles of OOP, I decided to go with Java, I haven`t had a chance to work, but I know the basic principles of versions less than 17.


  • Bootstrap

    Bootstrap is my first Ul framework, and I have the most experience with it and have the greatest freedom when using it.

  • MUI

    I liked MUI because it is very fast and has a good community. I had the need to use it on one project, and after that I continued to use it because I particularly liked it.